Building relations take time. Here at Web3Relation, we aim to cultivate the most inclusive and agnostic community for you grow.

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    Web3Relation Workshop : "Picking The Right Protocol"

    Are you interested in Blockchain, Web3, and Crypto? Look no further! Join us at the Web3Relation Workshop, perfect for developers and anyone curious about the various blockchain protocols that exist.



    Web3Relation Gathering

    Web3Relation’s infinite mission to inspire people to build meaningful relations with one another in the web3 space yet be inclusive of the web2 space. Topics will main around NFTs, DeFi and AI.

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    Polygon Miden : The Next Big ZK Rollup For 2023?

    What is Polygon Miden? Why do I need to care? How do I get started?

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    Picking The Right Protocol : What To Expect For 2023

    Let’s explore the latest trends in the protocol landscape from Layer 1s to Layer 2s so that you can better understand which protocol to choose to build your application on in the coming year.

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    Services - Organising Events, Developer Relations, Blockchain Consultant

    Navigating through the world of Web3 is not easy.

    Let us help you with that.

    • Web3 Events. Our meticulously curated Web3 events combine the best of both digital and physical realms. We design these web3 events to inspire, educate, and engage participants from diverse backgrounds. Through captivating keynote presentations, interactive workshops, and thought-provoking panel discussions, we help you to create an atmosphere that sparks creativity and cultivate lasting and meaningful relationships.
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    • Developer Relation. Fostering growth, adoption and community engagement for your blockchain product is essential. By providing comprehensive support, technical assistance and continous feedback loops online and offline, our commitment to developer advocacy, community engagement, and educational resources cultivates a collaborative environment that accelerates the growth and success of blockchain projects.
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    • Blockchain Consultant. Embracing Web3 technologies can be overwhelming, but our expert consultants excel in simplifying the process for you. Here at Web3Relation, we understand the complexities of the Web3 ecosystem, and our specialized blockchain consultants are well-versed in its nuances. Let us demystify the Web3 maze for you, empowering you to make informed decisions and seize the countless opportunities it presents.
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